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Tony Bodulovic

What you know will be challenged
Total Teen Adventure
The Way to the Future
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After Tori’s last adventure, she has been condemned to a lonely life in her home, staying alive only with the newspaper (and her bird) feeding her the news. One day, she meets the girls who live way down her street. Nikos and her become friends. If only her life could stay that simple.

Bombs fall on America, and the land gets changed. Tori and her friends rise from the ashes of America to find a new country where it used to be. Destro is a shining and futuristic country, filled with only the best of things, or so it says…

Tori soon finds that her mother is trapped somewhere and the only way to release her is to become the president of Destro in the upcoming election, and land a seat in the capital, called Echo.

She must train at the Valiant Challenger School, and then see if she can defeat the others against her. Her race for presidency may be impossible with the contestants opposing her.

And, overall, darkness and conflict looms in Destro and it will be Tori in the end that must sort everything out.